Wedding Colors: Dreamy or Disastrous?

Choosing the right color combination for your wedding is an important decision—and one to be made by you and your partner. No matter what your mother, aunt, sister, daughter, stepchild, or anyone else thinks!
Wedding Color Disaster

Color can set the mood for your wedding day, represents you as a couple and can be harmonious when done right–or strike the wrong note if not. So give color choice as much attention as choosing that gorgeous gown you plan to wear! Here are some things to consider:

—Your venue is important. If you’ve chosen a ballroom with red walls, that sunny yellow you had in mind might not work. And if the carpet is emerald green but you have your heart set on orange and lime, well, you might want to rethink that. While you don’t want to match your venue’s décor, you do want to choose colors that enhance the venue in shades darker or lighter than the existing color scheme.

—Seasons matter! Flowers are a wonderful way to carry a color theme throughout your event but if you have your heart set on pink tulips in October, you’ll be out of luck. Rusty browns and oranges can work in the fall but look really out of place in the spring. Do be careful not to get too carried away with seasonal themes—a July wedding in red, white and blue may just be overkill!

—Dress for success. A key element to convey your color scheme is the bridal party attire. Choosing a hard-to-find shade can mean that you simply won’t be able to find bridesmaid dresses in your color. David’s Bridal, the kingpin of bridesmaid dresses with a vast variety of styles and colors, puts out a color chart every year that makes it easy to find the optimal shade:
You can even buy fabric swatches from them to match with linens, flowers, etc. Oh—and remember to choose a universally flattering color. Not everyone can pull off taupe!

—Stay true to yourself. You’ll have plenty of magazine layouts, Pinterest pins, and “color of the year” advice thrown at you. But this is your wedding and you need to keep a steady course to choosing a color scheme that fits your dreams, your venue, and your wedding date—not some trendy new color combination that a studio came up with.

As for disastrous? Well, here are some color combos you definitely want to avoid:

Black and Orange, unless Halloween is your favorite holiday and you have an October wedding planned!

Red and Yellow, unless McDonalds is where you met and he proposed. Clown shoes optional.

Rainbow color schemes, Easter egg pastels, or florescent anything, unless you’re twelve years old. And please don’t let your young daughter, niece, or best friend’s child choose your color scheme! Enough said.